Term two 2019.

Monday 29th april - Friday 5th july

$160 single class / term
$260 double class / term

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$160 / term

monday - 7:15pm

75 minutes

Get the hang of the foundations of contemporary dance in a fun and friendly environment.

Our Foundation class is based on postural awareness and sound movement principles while also introducing a movement vocabulary that is dynamic and expressive.

AGA Studios


$160 / term

saturday - 9:30am

75 minutes

You will work on principles such as connection with the floor, rolling, falling in and out of the floor, spinal pathways, how to integrate skeletal structures to economise muscular effort and utilise release and develop your proprioception.

Hagley Dance Studio


$160 / term

tuesday - 6:45pm

90 minutes

If you already have had some experience in dance - be it contemporary or otherwise, our open class is for you.

Re-hone your technique and get a variety of artists’ approaches.

This class is 90 mins long and is aimed to challenge both your mind and body.

Hagley Dance Studio

somatic movement.

$160 / term

tuesday - 5:30pm

75 minutes

Somatic principles develop a strong physical foundation, dynamic adaptability and an improvement of technical skills, versatility and proprioception.
A regular somatic practice is helpful in prevention and rehabilitation of injuries and improvement in alignment. A great class for any level to complement your regular dance practice. 

Hagley Dance Studio

movement lab.

Interested in the creative side of dance-making?

you can join guest artists for one-off workshops and learn about the choreographic process, attend an artist talk or read artist reflections on our blog page.

your tutors.

philippa cosgrove


virginia kennard


aleasha seaward

open adult

Julia Mckerrow

somatic movement