movement art practice.

Fostering contemporary dance artists and audiences through collective practice.

MAP is a place for people who share a passion for contemporary dance to train, research and perform in Christchurch, New Zealand.

What does movement art practice mean?

At its heart, MAP is fostering relationships and community through contemporary dance training, research and performance.

MAP provides a variety of ways to gain insight by actively engaging with contemporary dance, whether you are an absolute beginner, a professional artist, a potential or avid fan!

MAP provides a platform for community dancers get to rub up alongside practicing dance artists in a variety of ways.

Foundation Classes.

Get the hang of the foundations of contemporary dance in a fun and friendly environment. We will work on principles  such as connection with the floor, rolling, falling in and out of the floor, spinal pathways, how to integrate skeletal structures to economise muscular effort and utilise release and developing your proprioception.

Open Adult Classes.

If you already have had some experience in dance - be it contemporary or otherwise, our open class is for you. Re-hone your technique and get a variety of artists’ approaches. This class is 90 mins long and is aimed to challenge both your mind and body.

art appreciation through experience.

We believe that, to gain insight and appreciation of an art-form, we need to demystify it through experiential practice. Every experience with MAP has this at its foundation.

If you take a community dance class, it will be led by a professional dancer, you learn their style and repertoire.

You can learn about their choreographic process by attending a workshop with them and we think you are more likely to get more out of seeing their work performed if you have this richer understanding of the artist and their work before the curtain is raised.

what else does map offer?

Movement Labs.

Join guest artists for one-off workshops and learn about the choreographic process, attend an artist talk or read artist reflections on our blog.

Artist Residency.

We offer space and time for you to research and share ideas through research in-studio, teaching, and contributing to our blog.

Corporate Workshops.

Give your team a team building experience they won’t forget. Learn to problem solve and think outside the box.

Funding Partners.